How much water do I have to drink to clean out my system?

okay. I got out of juvy on the 18th and I’ve smoked weed 3 times since I’ve been out I have a ua on october 4th how much water or gatorade do I hvae to drink to completly clean out my system before my next ua

Answer #1

dude just drink gallons…my feiands just carry around milk cartons with water…and drink till the puke…with any luck u can do it in 2 days…and i mean GALONS!!!

Answer #2

drink alot of water but (its unlikely) there is such a thing as water posioning. becareful. i would go to GNC and buy a flusher read the instructions and should be taken that same day. also walgreens sells at home drug screening so if you insecure about it buy a home kit and test yourself. if your positive, than get the flusher. im not sure your age but you have to be 18 to purchase at least in Illinois…

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