Need input on kids' doctor visits & soccer practices

I’m writing a short piece about six year olds and need “little problems”/story ideas about kids this age going to the doctor (experiences other than a well-kid checkup) and going to soccer practice. If you’ve got any “little adventure” to share, please do, and if possible, send details about the experience. Thanks so much!

Answer #1

when I was six I went horse back riding with my friend and another friend,whos 2 years older than us and grown ups were watching us,but then something scared the horse me and my freindwere on[a snake I think] and it went up on its hind legs and we fell off and they had to take us both to the hospital,I had a broken leg,and she broke her arm in two was scary and hurt a lot but then we both had casts to show off at church/school. if you have any questions just fun mail me.hope this helps. =]

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