hi from adriana help kids dont listen !

hi everyone,how are you,im wrting because ,I need help,my boys dont listen anymore,help what should I do,?one is 6 with speical needs and the other is 5and he knows what hes doing,I have had it,they are walking all over me!help!adriana

Answer #1

Many times, pediatricians have advice or help for struggling parents or can give recommendations or referrals to those who can help the specific problem. If one of your children has special needs, it’s definitely a factor that will mean you will need more help dealing with complicated situations than can be given through a website. Talk to your doctor, maybe the school counselor, or anyone you know who has a child with special needs- I’m sure they will be happy to help and give advice. It will be tough, but hang in there and good luck- and try your best to be patient! Oh, and P.S. Your younger son who is 5 may do things and believe he can get away with them (as you say he knows what he is doing) because the rules might bend a little for his older brother due to his special needs. The school counselor can probably help you a little with that too, but know that as they get older and mature it will be easier to explain the rules to your boys.

Answer #2

The children’s aid society can help you. They offer support to parents in need, they will not just assume you are a bad mother and take the kids away. Also, you could try a play group, they often have Early Childhood Educaters there to offer help to parents

Answer #3

umm im from a african american family and i say bring out th belt

Answer #4

don’t do anything fun if they won’t listen

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