Need help feeling good about myself

Well lately I’ve been pretty sensitive. First I find out I have to work even harder in school (I’m homeschooled, in an online school just so you know) and then I become increasingly jealous of this friend I have. I’m jealous of her because of the fact that it seems everyone likes her. It seems every boy flirts with her. And I don’t know I feel so unimportant lately even though she is my best friend and I don’t know how to deal with it. I feel great on how I look on the outside but on the inside I feel like sometimes I hate myself so much and that I’m not good in anything and that I’ll fail in everything. I’m under so much stress lately and I need some advice.

Answer #1

Theres somebody out there for everyone, jelousy is not such a good thing. try to work on it. but always have confidence and go charm those boys. x

Answer #2

But thanks for the advice anyways.

Answer #3

That’s the thing. I’m the person who posted anonymously. I don’t have the opportunities to meet these boys. Like I said I’m homeschooled. One guy she(my friend) just met randomly at Walmart she finds out goes to her school and they made out. That has her real first kiss and she’s never had a real boyfriend but she gets all this attention from guys and she’s not an average cute girl I’d say. I mean she’s pretty but also kind of chubby. (Not being shallow) I’ve haven’t had my first kiss yet. And I feel that is a big stroke of luck some hot guy she meets at Walmart happens to go to her school. I don’t get that. I would flirt I just don’t have the opportunity to meet any guys that’s all.

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