How can I help with these negative feelings?

I haven’t been feeling good emotionally lately. For almost forever it seems I’ve never had much of a social life mostly because I’m homeschooled. I’ve always dealt with that pretty okay because I have a best friend I can talk to. But my friend has moved recently. Not out of state or anything like that she still lives near me but she can’t call me as much and we can’t see eachother as much as we could before. And she was mainly the person who kept my life togethor. I can’t call her because her grandma doesn’t want me calling on her cell phone. I wish I could talk to her right now since I have no one else to talk to. I’ve been crying like hell lately and I feel so angry cause when I can’t talk to her I feel empty since I have no one else. I can’t talk with my mom at all. If I try talking to her about any personal feelings I have she could just turn it around and blame it on me and make me feel worse. I feel like I hate everyone including my family right now. How can I fix this? These feelings seem to never go away. Please help!

Answer #1

you need to talk to someone in your family. someone that will listen to you, let them know how you feel, tell them everything you just writ; ask for help from your family. your family should be there for you, no matter what and you need to talk to them about that. Talk to them about how you dont like being homeschooled perhaps? becasue you dont have as many friends. Just talk, people will listen - if not you can always talk to people on here.

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