How to make me feel good.??? Please help!

Hey there well my school start’s tomorrow and of course I feel nervous but every single time I feel nervous I feel weird and sick for some reason I feel sick now ugh and I’m trying my best to forgot about school starting tomorrow but I still feel sick I’m going to the 9th grade as well …but can I take a fever pill just in case or can it make me feel better, what should I do to make me feel better!!! Thanks for your help.

Answer #1

So I broke up with my boyfriend of 5 months like a year ago. I cried like hell after that. Then he got back 2gether with me after 5 months. It didn’t even last for 1 month. We just stopped calling each other. Now, I think he’s in love with someone else. Ok, I’m having fun with my friends. I don’t cry anymore now. But whenever I think about them together, I kinda feel sad and can’t get over how prettier she looks than I do. I hate that feeling. I have many things to get busy with, like school application and stuff. So I hate it when that feeling makes my active and cheerful mind die. Please help me! ‘because I know I have better things to do than crying over something useless. PLease HElp!

Answer #2

If you arent used to getting up early for school anymore, youre probably gonna feel sick anyhow. Everyone goes through that and for about the first week or so youre probably gonna be like that. Itll subside. Just try not to worry about it. Get ahold of your friends and try to make a schedule of your classes and who you may have them with. There really isnt a reason to be nervous. Taking a fever pill or any pill really isnt going to help. If youre nervous, youre still going to be. Try not to think about it and tell yourself its not really a big deal. There isnt much you can do though other than relax.

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