Navy Boot Camp

about how long is the Navy boot camp. Because the guy I’m talking to is leaving in august to go and I will miss him immensly. thanks.

~ Tela [[xoxo]]

Answer #1

Navy boot camp is conducted at Recruit Training Command, Great Lakes, Illinois. It is a nine-week course and is physically and mentally taxing in the life of a navy trainee.

Answer #2

if its anything like the marines it will be about 3months

Answer #3

Wow? 9 weeks? I was in the Navy. Was only 8 weeks for me.

It was the best 8 weeks of my life. SOOO much fun. While he’s there you’ll be able to write him starting his 2nd week. Though it’ll be the snail mail way you’ll still be able to have contact with him. It’s not that bad and it’ll pass by before you know it!

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