Does going from brown to blonde make your hair orange?

My natural hair color is blonde but I dyed it dark brown. It has lightened up quite a bit and is now light brown. I want to dye it back to blonde now. If I did so would it turn my hair orange? Because that’s what I’ve heard happens when you try to dye brown hair blonde. Does it or is that a myth?

Answer #1

Thats what happened to mine.

Answer #2

so let say your hair is level 5 light brown its all ready at the orange stage now. and you want to be blond they have to take you 4 levels down to be blonde. so that well make it level 9.yellow but if it cames out a blonde and they dont have to use a toner that will be great. but some time they use a toner to achieving the correct stage that you want.

good luck.

Answer #3

only if it’s bleached

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