How many moon they are in univers

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It has not been discovered yet and the scientists are still trying to find out how many moons there is in the universe think if we have more than 100 of moons in our solar system then just imagine how many moons there are in the universe.

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there is no answer
because nobody in your world knows
weve barly just discovered how many moons are in our galaxy
earth has one moon, jupitar has quite a few and some other plannets do as well
but outside of our galaxy is another one, and another one, and nobody knows how many more
and all that just makes up a solar system
and there are trillions if not more solar systems in the universe
weve managed to send soemthing a bit further than our galaxy but not much more
and I doubt when that information comes back to us is a long timne,
that they will have found what they can call moons
because a picture of the unkown doesnt give anyone much to go on

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There are many.

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an uncountable amount :)

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2oO MaNy!!!
haha sme planets keep on gaining mre and mre
so you nver know

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