how can i keep myself from ODing on the sweets?

Answer #1

First of all, you can’t overdose on sweets. You would probably be very ill before you could eat that amount. But if you are honestly worried about it i would just not eat as many! :-)

Answer #2

Um, I know you can get a sugar high…but not sure about thw OD’ing on sweets!

Answer #3

haha i sort ov over reacted

Answer #4

well i don’t think so, but if you eat soooo many with such a big amount of sugar then maybe you could go into sugar coma lol, very unlikely to me though.

Answer #5

Keep them outa of sight, or completely out of the house. If the temptation isn’t there its a lot easier to resist.

Answer #6

addicted to sweets huh? Hmm… You can’t really over dose on them. But having to much sugar can lead to many issues. You can get a yeast infection from to muchy sugar. Which i HATE those.. Uh you can get diabetes or however it’s spelled. My mom’s friend got that from to much sugar she said. -Uhm! It’s eiether to much salt or to much sugar that can cause gout. Which i hear is very painful. –maybe it’s both sugar and salt. —That should help you to not want them as much knowing to much sugar can be a bad thing </3

Answer #7

lol, no prob hun!

Answer #8

Don’t buy any

Answer #9

talk 2 yer doctor………… don’t want to open the door to any health problems…… careful and eat as much salads and drink tons of water to clean out yer system… could be Depression wich leads to sugar hunger, wich is in turn….alcohol….sugar sits in yer system for a long period TO DIGEST AND THEN IN TURN IT FERMENTS…..turning into alcohol! be careful.

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