My new nose piercing is bleeding : (

I got my nose pierced June 30th and right after I got it I noticed there was dried blood on it I figured it was from where Id just got it done but the next morning there was dried blood on it again, and again I just figured this was because it was new...
and today when I woke up there was blood on it again so I cleaned it and a little while later there was some more blood so I cleaned it again and the same thing happened again so I cleaned it a few more times and then it was fine. Is that normal or should I be concered its not a lot or anything and it s only around the stud and on the inside by the wire thingy?

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all I can ask is if you bumped it at all you are supposuly allowwed to spin it but you could of bumbed it I am in the process of peircing mine right now I can feel it on the inside of my nose it hurts so bad should I complete the process is it worth it ?

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it should be fine mine did the same thing.
just as long as theres no pus or anything it is normal
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I think that if its made of metal that whould be the reson!

Can your face really become paralyzed if you get your nose pierced and they hit a nerve?

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