Is it possible to cry so hard, you give yourself a nose bleed?

Is it possible to cry so hard, you give yourself a nose bleed? Hmm. Just wondering. ^_^

Answer #1

yeh it is its happened 2 me a few times, you burst the blood vessels crying so hard. it happens to children a lot too. x

Answer #2

Actually it is possible. When you cry pressure builds in the head and eventually the nose cavity can’t handle the pressure so it will cause a nose bleed. I haven’t done it but it is possible. I cried so hard one time I actually got a nose bleed and then when into a seizure but that was only because I wasn’t getting enough O2 and because it runs in my family but anyways

Yes it is possible to give your self a nose bleed from crying to hard.

Answer #3

No it’s not possible.

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