How long will my lip be sore after I pierced it?

I pierced it myself. its still a little sore. how long should it be like this?

Answer #1

I pierced my lip 4 days ago. . .and mine doesn’t hurt anymore. . .and I am happy that I pierced it. . . and mine didn’t get infected like a lot of people think it would have. . .

Answer #2

Why would you do it yourself? My friend did hers herself, and it got horribly infected.

If you go get it done professionally, then the piercer will give you information and stuff. I have to salt soak mine twice a day, and make sure that you rinse your mouth out with ALCOHOL FREE mouth wash after every time you eat. :]

Answer #3

shouldnt have done it yourself oh well, the swelling should go down in about 2-3 days the pain, it depends on what you peirced it with its probably going to take longer to heal now that you did it yourself it should heal itself but if it doesnt take it out

Answer #4

My piercing hurt really bad for a few days and than it wasn’t so bad, so just wait a few days and it should feel a lot better. Drink a lot of ice water and such to numb the pain a little bit.

Answer #5

maybe about two daysish

Answer #6

my mom made me take it out. ima re do it. im getting a lip stud for it

Answer #7

Unless you pierced it wrong, then it could be sore for a while or get infected. Smart.

Answer #8


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