My cum smell really bad!!!

Okay well im 15 and ihad sex 3weeksx ago he wasx my 1st inever smelled like this untill ihad sex with him!!! And I did douch aftea we had sex! But the smell still stayed…igot a new boyfriend and he really sweet but I dont wanna see him or leave out the house because the smell goes tho my pants and shorts!!! I wash everyday and my mama said ishould have kept my legs colsed;( can I go to a doctor by myslef my mama dont even care…

Answer #1

Just following on from my previous post ref the use of the word ‘cum’. You may find the following useful. It is a reply I posted a few hours ago to a different question.

OK listen up because it can mean different things depending on how the word is used.:

When a guy ‘cums’ (or orgasm or climax) this means he has an orgasm. This is the fantastic feeling of pleasure he gets at the peek of sex and when the sperm squirts out of the end of his penis.

(IE ‘Thats the first time anyone has made me cum like that. It felt fantastic’.)

Cum can also be used as another name for sperm.

(IE My God! You wont believe just how much he cums’!)

For females, to cum (or orgasm or climax) is the fantastic feeling of pleasure she gets at the peek of sex. Her vaginal muscles contract and a great feeling of pleasure spreads throughout her body. (IE ‘I really made her come the last time we f*cked!’)

It is not usual for most girls to have white fluid squirt out of their vagina at the point of cumming although it is usual for them to get wetter at that point.

There are a very small amount of females that can have what is commonly called a ‘female ejaculation’ at the point that they cum. Less than 10 females out of every 100 do this and these women can squirt out up to a cupful of clear/milky fluid.

Finally, dont believe what you may see in porn movies. A lot of this is fake and they are all acted to a carefully written script and moan at the points in the script that tells them to moan etc.

Practically ALL porn movies are just guys fantasies, written and directed by guys and aimed at guys pleasure.


Answer #2

Well,he could’ve been gay and had anal sex. Some men douche after that. (I’m not saying being gay is a bad thing!) And he said ‘my cum’. There’s a difference:Women:orgasm Men:cum

Answer #3

From what they have said:

‘he was my 1st’


‘I did douch after we had sex’


‘I got a new boyfriend’


‘my mama said I should have kept my legs closed’

Fau is clearly NOT a man rocky101


Answer #4

The actual questions and answers that appear under the name ‘fau’ are asked by real members of this site.

They just want to remain anonymous so instead of their user name appearing, it just comes up as ‘fau’.

Easy really.


Answer #5

Ok, Depends what the smell is.

If it is sort of fishy or yeasty, these are typical signs of non sexual infections. (B.V. & Thrush. (yeast infection))

Go to the Doctor as these can be easily treated.

PS Dont douch! It destroys the healthy bacteria in your vag that help to keep it naturally clean.


Answer #6

ok but if fau is a robot how did you guys have sex?

Answer #7

fau is a man

Answer #8


If you take time to actually READ what it says on the profile you will see:

This is NOT a real person.

It’s a repository for anonymously posted questions. So, if it looks like I’m a boy or girl - I’m not.

If you send me notes, I won’t reply. If you add me as a friend, I can’t accept.

:) For more about me, ask thedude, editor, or use the contact form at the bottom of the page.


everyone who chooses to post anonymously has their question or answer appear as fau. It just stands for Fun Advice User.


Answer #9


I think it is definately a female asking the question. They also say, ‘my mama said I should have kept my legs closed’.

That does not sound the sort of comment a gay guy would say, even a very camp one. lol

The other thing is, many people (male and female) use the word ‘cum’ to just describe an orgasm. This can be a male or a female orgasm.

A guy can say, ‘I really made my girl cum last night’.

One could also say about a guy, My God! I have never seen anyone cum as much as he did’.

Both are in general use in society, well, they are here in Britain.


Answer #10

ok why does “her “ profile say male next to gender

Answer #11

no it’s my knickers for a week after sex

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