What can cause your clit to itch really really bad ?

Never had sex bad I do masturbate sometimes but its itching like crazy

Answer #1

see a doctor.

Answer #2

it could be caused by an allergic reaction from something you use to aid masturbation. or you could have an infection down their such as a yeast infection, i used to get them alot when i took bubble baths. try putting vagcil cream on it or baby powder to aid the itch until the itch goes away

Answer #3

Ok thanks

Answer #4

your welcome =) and best of luck lol

Answer #5

Yeast infection maybe

Answer #6

Yeast infection maybe

Answer #7

I recomend you go to a doctor.

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Answer #10

Thanks for the help

Answer #11

or maybe a fungal infection, stop touching yourself for a day … ;)

Answer #12

maybe too much masturbate? i guess?

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