I feel really bad

Did you have to cum in order to have an organism? because my boyfriend always tries so hard to make me cum and I don’t but it always feels so good. I just want to know because he always ask if he gave me an orgaism and I just don’t know what to say. I feel really bad because I do love him and the foreplay and sex is REALLY good

Answer #1

no when I was dating one of my girlfriend we did it a few times and she had an orgasm every time but only one of those times she did cum so your answer is no you do not need to cum to have an orgasm and trust me I’ve heard about this a lot and you will deff know when your having an orgasm so if you say it feels as good as you say then you problly are having an orgasm so just tell him that you dont need to cum to have an orgasm and you love the way it feels and how good it feels

Answer #2

I may not be completely right, but I dont believe every orgasm comes with cum.. I think it is possible to orgasm without cumming, so tell him that..

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