my cum smells bad...

im 15 years old and I had sex with this dude 3 weeks ago and I did clean and wash myslef when I got home but now my cum smells like fish…and I tried everything I didnt tell nobody but now I got this boyfriend that want to have sex but I scared of how bad I smell.

Answer #1

sounds like you need to douch. And stop having multiple partners. It could be a combination of their cum sitting inside you along with not washing immediately. Doctors always recommend you urinate shortly after having intercourse. And wash!

Answer #2

try to make yourself cum, it might be weird, but it really does help, if it doesn’t work the first time try again. it will help!

and not all cum smells bad. and it might just be like that for a little while, it should go away.

Answer #3

Thats just how it smell, god some of these questions are dumb like one person said “when I’ve had sex this cum-like substance came out of my vagina” and everyone who answered was like “OMG could it be cum!!???”

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