my cat stopped eating and drinking

I have a 2 year old female cat and moved in with my boyfriend and he has a 7 year old female cat. The 7 year old likes my cat but my cat hisses at her and won’t stop and on top of it my cat quit eating and drinking, I don’t know what to do. I have been living there for almost a month,but now my cat is losing a lot of weight and I am very worried, what can I do to get her to get along with the other cat and get her to start eating and drinking again?

Answer #1

this may be because your cat feels like it has been invaded in it’s “personal space” and because your cat will not eat if its territory has been invaded. It should all work out once the cats get introduced a bit better. :) I hope my advice helps you:)

Answer #2

Well, cats don’t like change…so your cat got moved…and has to learn to live with another cat…Tho, going a month a month without eating seems extreme…so I think a trip to the Vet is in order. That the changes in her life are just coincidental to the not eating, and not related…


Answer #3

:/ that happened to mine to and we had to get rid of her.

try force feeding her. I don’t know sweetie. ask a vet. something more might be wrong with her.

Answer #4

Did you introduce them properly? You should first isolate your cat to one room without the other cat and let them adjust to that, then switch them so they learn each others smells and so your cat can get used to the rest of the new place. Then slowly introduce them first through a gate that they can see and smell each other through without touching and then slowly have them spend a few minutes together each day upping the amount until they have adjusted to each other.

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