How can I stop my young female cats eating anything that is edible?

My young female cats are able to access any food that may be left regardlessof packaging. They open the bread and eat the loaf, they open boxes of scones, they have eaten mushroom pasta and even the dog food is not safe, leaving our terrier very cross. They seem to go for and a variety of wheat based products. They have access to good quality food and water at all times so they can not be hungery. Help I have no idea how to train cats?!

Answer #1

That is really strange. Do they like their food? You may want to switch food brands and see if they just dont like their food. The thing with cats is, you can train them not to do something in front of you. But they’ll do it when you’re not around, and then you cant really go back and say bad kitty, because they’ll have no idea what you’re talking about. You can try spraying the cats with water when you see them, but again… that only works if they do it when you’re around. It also helps if you dont feed them from the dining table. They should learn that their food is their food. Other than that, keep your food in the fridge or in the cupboard… The dog food might be a little trickier. Maybe feed the dog at a time you can keep an eye on the food. Cats generally dont do random things just because they’re acting out. I’d check with the vet to rule out any medical causes. And also, is this a new behavior? It could be a sign of stress or anxiety?

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