What should I do cat has a bad injury she's not eating,drinking?

My cat had a really bad injury she got hit by a car and she wont eat,walk, drink what should I do?

Answer #1

Please, please, please…TAKE HER TO THE VET!!!

Answer #2

Take her to the vet if you haven’t and ask them what you can do to get her back to doing her daily thing.

Answer #3

Scratch what I said, Shadow is right. She’s in pain and I’m pretty sure you don’t want her to suffer anymore pain. Put yourself in her body and do what you feel she wants.

Answer #4

if you dont want her to die in pain, take her to the vet there they can either fix her of if the damage cant be fixed they will put her down, giving her a quick, virtually painless death

Answer #5

Everybody seems pretty sure she’s on her way out…but she very well may not be IF…you take her to the Vet…immediately…

Answer #6

If your dog was hit by a car, then she’s not only got injuries on the outside but more than likely has Internal Injuries to. What you need to do is get off your computer and carefully pick your dog up, keep her warm and comfortable and get her to a Vet Now! If she has Internal Injuries, she can Die if your don’t move fast enough! How long ago did she get hit by a car? If your cat has a chance to survive, then a vet is the only one who is going to be able to save her! Good Luck!

Answer #7

if you have and she is not eating etc try to feed her with a suringe… just the small one.. you could get one of the vet (im not talking about the ones you put needles in dont worry) They are small and are what you use to feed kittens etc when they have to be hand reared… the car can survive.. my cat got hit by a car at 5 months old in front of me… he is still alive… he broke his jaw and sometimes gets a sore back but tis nothing serious and gets anitbiotics when it is bad.. he is still very active and enjoys life.. he has also had other injuries after that and still is alive.. so dont give up on her unless she is like badly badly injured.. im pretty sure she would of died by now if it wasnt fixable =) good luck =) you have a fighter but ask the vets whats the best way to feed her and with what. =) x

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