Is it okay to have big calf muscles?

OK is it okay to have your calf muscle big? I do track and a lot of soccer. I'm an athletic person.

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I have particularly large calves (and im completely not proud of it!) . I dont know if it is for athletic reasons because im not all that thin, though I do run a lot... but if you are an athletic person im sure it is just from the exercise you get from running/soccer ect

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oh yeah. it's a good thing to have some muscle! I'm in marching band, and I thought my calf muscles were a little weird at first. but that's a good thing to have, and no, it's not a bad thing at all.

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of course it is ok. that just means you have strong legs. soccer is really run and good excersice. and so is track. just keep doing what you love and don't care if you have big calf muscles.

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I too play soccer, since i was 6, im currently calfs are big too thats a sign of an endurance happens from cutting and running for extended periods of time...if your predominatley a sprinter and dont cut as much, you'll probably have small calfs.

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Course its fine having large calfs... Alot of running, kicking and exorsises like htat will give you large calfs... The only thing i can see wrong with it is if you over-do it with muscular calfs, and rip a muscle, its going to hurt a bitch and a half! But if your sencable, that wont happen.

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