Should teens who murder be executed? if so how exactly? if not why? are they truely monsters out for the slaughter? if they kill someone didn’t they choose their fete the moment they did that killing blow?

Answer #1

THANK YOU, ty and underwater - let us hope that things can change! from Susila in Cyprus/Norway

Answer #2

I don’t believe in the death penalty for anyone.

Answer #3

I don’t believe in the death penalty either. Haha I just posted a question about this because we were having a discussion about it in my government class.

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I believe the death sentence is needed I think self defense murders arent like a vicsous musrder so they shouldnt be executed and if your over 12 you DEFINATLEY know right from wrong(unless you have a past proven mental disorder) so teenagers should be tried as adult and get the death sentence, I also think you can’t have a negative opinion on the death penalty unless someone near to you is murdered if after that you still think the death sentence is wrong then go ahead and think it, Also I think everyone who gets sentenced to death should be killed the same way they killed(or we should let them fight to the death on football fields on off season on espn so then we can get money by people watching and not loose money by letting them sit in a cell for years) lol.

Answer #5

uhm I assume you mean this to be different from adults who murder… and I suppose the difference is teen brains are not fully mature and the prefrontal cortext (part that controls impulses) is not fully developed… I dont think anyone should be executed…

Answer #6

Agree with ty - no matter how terrible the crime, surely killing one person because that person killed someone else is barbaric?

Most ‘civilised’ countries have long since abandoned the dealth penalty - the USA is one of few glaring remnants.

Answer #7

I also do not believe in the death penalty for anyone. But I do believe that in certain cases teens above the age of 15 should be tried as adults.

Answer #8

Teens make lots of decisions everyday, we all do. To go and kill someone, other than self defense, is an action that has to be thought about. Just because they are teens doesn’t mean they don’t know wrong from right. If they ended someones life without a thought why should it not be punishable by death? To many teens get off to easy because they are “teens”. we let them behind the wheel of a car @ 16 we trust their judgment then. They can go to war at 18. We dont give the teenage brain enough credit, they are responsible for there actions. I am young myself I know how a teenage thinks , there are no excuses.

Answer #9

I also don’t believe in the death penalty, nor do I think teens should just be set free at 18 nor tried as adults at 15.

However, keeping them out of society until/unless we can be sure they have changed makes a lot of sense.

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