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How do you tell your mother you think you might have psychosis?

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So I've been looking up explanations for the way my head works and people have told me I might have psychosis... It sounds sort of right but I don't know and i want to ask my mother what she thinks but she tends to shoot me down every time i try to tell her something that might imply I'm not perfect. I told her my back and hips were constantly hurting and she said it was probably nothing... until my school screened for Kyphosis and I turned up positive. I told her my periods hurt and I was growing hair on my chest and she completely dismissed it until my flow stopped and I turned up positive for PCOS. Until I have physical proof of something she wont have it, but what physical proof can I give for Psychosis? I might just be a paranoid teenager, but what if I really have Psychosis? How can i get her to LISTEN to me?