I am scared to tell my mother...

I think I might have threadworms… and me and my family arn’t close at all and they all like to tease me and I think my parents will mock me is I tell them I have threadworms I am really scared and have no idea what to do any advise?

Answer #1

well my mom is the same way but I know she loves me and im sure your mom loves you to so just pull her aside and tell her and ask her to take you to the doctor im sure it will be fine all parents joke about there kids some more then others but its ok…I doubt she will make fun of you for something serious

Answer #2

I would but I only have one friend and she is away for two weeks and it would be weird to tell her that… is there anything I could do myself to get rid of them

(by the way I am the person that posted this)

Answer #3

if you are 16 and older you can call your doctor…and if you have insurence they will treat you without letting them know.you’ll just have to fisure a way to get to the doctors and see if you have to pay or not and where you’ll get the money

Answer #4

I’m 15 I can’t drive I am broke so I don’t have any money and I don’t know my doctors number I would have to ask my mom for it and thats not going to happen…

Answer #5

u should just tell your parents,if its a serious medical problem they will probably take it seriously and help u,how did you get threadworms???

Answer #6

I don’t quite know… and I am not sure if they will my dad is a drunk and all he ever does is make fun of me even if I am sick and my mom is always working so she always agrees with my dad and my sister is bi-polar so she is always mean and hitting me and beating me up. So I can’t talk to any of them… I just need a way to get rid of it without medicine and without telling them and I am really kinda scared and most of my friends are guys so I can’t tell them they would make fun of me…

Answer #7

why dont you go tel a friend and she could tell her mom to take you to doctor

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