Should a mother who abducted her own child 18 years ago be forced to wait for her trial in prison?

Defense is using the “innocent until proven guilty” law to keep the woman out of prison - do you think that’s fair and just, or should she be held behind bars?

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Answer #1

Always should be innocent until proven guilty. I don’t know why the law never abides by that.

Answer #2

I think she may be a flight risk even if her laywer says she isnt. She had her daughters name changed and ran off. thats illegal. her father hasnt seen her for 20 or more years. I would be afraid of her runnin off again. Maybe not hold her in jail but ban her from leaving state

Answer #3

No. Abducting your own child isn’t a serious crime. The woman’s motives are well understood, and they clearly show that she’s not dangerous enough to be held in jail before her trial. She only wants to be with her daughter. Maybe such desire was a bit bigger than her respect for laws or court decisions. She is a threat to no one, so why imprison her?

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