Can an Aussie deportee get back into Aussie?

I grew up in Australia since I was 6 months old. I had a verbal fight with my best friend (as you do sometimes) and the said it was a home invasion because it was in his house and totally made an example out of me.

I spent 2 years in prison and then was immediately deported to New Zealand. I was dropped off in Auckland, given $40 and sent on my way.

This was almost 10 years ago. Since then, I have bought a house, I have a fiance who has 3 kids and I have 2 of my own. I have never been in trouble in New Zealand for anything.

I lost my son in Perth because his mother realised that I’d never get back and I was refused entry for my fathers funeral.

I would love to show my kids where I grew up and spend some time with my aging mother.

Is there anyone who knows of a loop hole that can help? I live here in New Zealand now. All I want is the knowledge that I have the ability to visit Aussie as I see fit.

Answer #1

ok I know a lot of people at my uni in nz from australia who recieve financial aid from our government and are treated the same as nz citizens but if a new zealander was studying in australia we do not quality and last time I checked we have to pay international fees.

And how is it fair for the australian government to deport people who have lived in australia since they were infants? Its something they seem to do quite frequently, never mind the fact that they grew up and developed into the people they are in australia. Maybe Australia should take some responsibility instead of just shipping them back to their supposed country of origin. You will claim peopl born outside of Australia as your own if they have done something to be proud of but if they screw up you disown them.

Answer #2

;) It’s our Aussie pride at work…We claimed good, old Mel Gibson (American) as one of your own and also Russell Crow (Kiwi) …But who can beat Kylie Minogue, Hugh Jackman and Heath Ledger, our very own true blue dinky di… aussie, aussie, aussie, oi oi oi :)

Answer #3

Mate, you got to be kidding right??? …There is no way our Immigration department would send someone back to their original birth place based of a ‘home invasion, verbal argument’ and ‘being made an example of’…And then lock them up and throw away the keys for 2 years??? COME ON NOW, PULL THE OTHER LEG MATE.

Someone would be deported from Australia, if they committed a very serious crime… …OR… ..over stayed their visa.

You could re-submit an entrance application to the Immigration Department but your chances of being able to return and live in Oz would be next to none…The Immigration Department do not look favourably on people who break the two mister meanders quoted above and rightly so, as the officials are doing a damn,excellent job keeping the big bad wolves away from our front doors. :)

Answer #4

Agreed with Utopia….Considering you were living in Oz since you were 6 months old, do not tell me you know nothing about Legal Aid, I’m 100% certain that even if you were financially strapped, you would have been given a experience lawyer to help fight your case… A free service with top notch lawyers, without a penny against you if you lost your case. :)

I am not trying to argue til I’m blue in the face with you, but if you come into a forum and bag our Australian Government and undermine the integrity of our Immigration officials and then brand our beloved Government racists, then don’t expect this Aussie chicky babe to turn a blind eye.

Since you opened a can of worms regarding the ‘stolen generation’, please do pull out a chair and grab yourself a cuppa of coffee, you are in for a long verbal debate…

Why should the current and future governments be held responsible for the ’stolen’ generation of Aboriginal children who were taken from their families? These actions happened before you and I were even conceived in our mothers’ wombs…..Shouldn’t the past government officials in that particular era be held responsible? Credit to our current Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, for having the balls to ‘say sorry’ when so many gutless former governments before him did not have the courage to do so. ……Saying ‘sorry’ does not imply the Australian public or the Australian Government are accepting liabilities for the errors of their past forth fathers…….Go and re-read the speech Mister Rudd made last year and do come back to me about the content hey.

To the other can of worms you opened….If our Government officials are racist, why in the world would you want to visit or return back to Down Under ‘as you see fit’… (Yes, I understand you have a son there, and out of common courtesy, we will leave your son out of his discussion and he will remain off limits).

If I can open my own can of worms, take a good hard look at your country. New Zealanders can come to Australia, be unemployed, have no financial means before they arrive in Australia, bring the entire family into Oz, and our Australian Government, welcomes them with opened arm, allows the newcomers to receive the Dole (Australian welfare – social security)…But……. If an Australian was to immigrate to New Zealand and decided they need to go on the New Zealand’s welfare system, guess what mate, Australians are put on a waiting list to see if they qualified for financial assistance.… about being fair dinkum mate?

Do not even get me started on the old age pension, where Australian oldies who decide to move to New Zealand and live there are not given the old age pension by your Goverment.

But, guess what, New Zealanders who decide they want to retired in Australia, our Goverment picks up your Goverment’s tab and continue giving the old people their pension regardless if they ever worked or paid taxes when they were younger…(I didn’t pull this out of my posterior, this is first hand experience that my own beloved nana and pop had to face when they moved to New Zealand and thank godness they had their hard earnt superannuations to live off).

Answer #5

I think you’d be very surprised as to what your beloved immigration department was getting up

What I have said is the truth. I’m hardly a big, bad wolf and the Australian Government is far from innocent from being a little racist towards anyone that is not like themselves.

Perhaps you should personally refresh yourself on a few actual cases such as this one prior to commenting if you’re able to get access to any of it that is. (Who knows???, You could work for immigration or as a prison officer.)

You could argue till you’re blue in the face trying to convince me that the Aussie Government was right but I and many others that have looked into my case know how very wrong they are.

It took them decades to apologize for the stolen generation. They aren’t without fault on a lot of things.

Answer #6

and you can have russel crowe too, we dont want him back

Answer #7

You are welcome to Mel Gibson…one less anti-semitic homophobe for the U.S.

Answer #8

If you are innocent, as you say, why don’t you hire an attorney to look over the trial transcript and see if there is ground for appeal? This time you might win. Then you will be free to return.

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