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My friend anne takes alfalfa tablets and kelp tablets. Her mother is in her 80’s and doesn’t believe in taking any type of supplements and thinks her daughter takes alfalfa and kelp as weight control because her daughter is weight conscious. Any way tonight at dinner her mom said “if the weather is bad tomorrow I am not going to go out because I don’t want to fall” anne said “mom I wont let you - the ice will make it too slippery” her mother “listen since we are taking about don’ts do you really need sweet-n-low in coffee, it is chemicals.” anne “you know mom it is funny in the morning for my first cup of coffee I don’t use sweet-n-low. The chocolate syrup I use in milk and the pancake syrup isn’t artificial” her mom said “that is different, if you were going to use syrups with sugar in it, but the ones you get are not easy to get” anne said “oh” anne thought that was the end of the conversation - wrong. Her mom said “listen don’t get mad at me but do you really need your herbs - your thin enough. You want kidney damage” this got anne really mad and she yelled at her mother and they had some fight. What got anne mad is how dare her mom tell her that it is wrong to take her herbs. And what could her mother possibly mean by thin enough. I mean she was always thin. My question: (1) do you think anne overreacted; (2) when her mother said you are thin enough would you take it to mean her mom didn’t think anne was always thin?

This is: additional information about thin part: last year anne, peggy (anne’s sister) and who is 54 years old, their mom were in a car driving somewhere. Annes mom said “anne I am afraid of taking you ‘to the party because I am afraid you will read into anything someone might say” anne “mom explain” mom “well if someone said you are so thin, you would take it to mean you weren’t thin before” anne said “well doesn’t it mean that” her mom “no it doesn’t mean that it just means you were always thin, but now you are even thinner” peggy “anne you were always the thin one, I was always the heavy one”

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This is my opinion. I think Anne overreacted. It sounds like Mom is worried about what Anne is taking and voiced her concern to her. She is in her 80's, my grandmother was the same way with my mom because my mom was always taking vitamins. My grandmother would tell her, 'I worry about you taking all these supplements. If you think you need vitamin C then just eat a orange or drink orange juice." In the past there have been times when someone has died from taking a type of supplement that either they was taking too much, or it interacted with something else. I think it was just a concern. The mom said 'your thin enough" she did not say 'you have lost soo much weight lately" Either way I would take it as a compliement instead of thinking it was an attack on my weight. But then again, I do not have a problem with my weight, I would like to be smaller but I love my body just the way it is.

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