Does anyone know a good modelling agency?

I want to become a model and can’t find one. Thanks.

Answer #1

Model Productions. :D Their great and are located in many places.

Answer #2

Well my dear first comes first…you have to decide what you want to be a model as…your still very young & still developing! Next: Do you have a book? (meaning a whole bunch of professional pics of yourself in all sorts of different poses or clothing.[from regular everyday clothes, to bathing suits & evening gowns]) That is your basic step! Since you live in the UK you may want to try googling model agencies in London! I am sure you will find a long list of model agencies there, but may need your parents consent as well since you are a minor. You do not want to go there alone just in case they want you to sign some form or agreement…they might try to take advantage of you being so young & inexperienced, so make sure some legal guardian is present with you at all times! Read all papers before signing anything. If there is something that is not understood, do not hesitate to seek legal advice first & then sign. * Now: If they feel you have potential then they will tell you what to do next…schedule photo shoots commercials or what ever you all agree on. Hope this advice helped & Good luck dear. Keep us posted ok…;)

Answer #3

I think you should look on the internet. Firstly, are you willing to move for an excellent agency? If there are none where you live, then you may need to move if your serious about being a model. Just research, find ones your interested in, contact them with your information, look at prices, consider all the pros and cons, and draw up a list of the ones you want to attend, and can attend, until your left with a few options that suit your needs perfectly.

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