How do you ask the hairdresser to give you a scene hair cut???

I want to get the long, hair, scene look with all the layers and stuff but how do I explain it to the hairdresser so she gets it right??? I’m scared I’ll ask her and she will give me like the rachel cut with her layers and stuff but I want a scene cut. Thx in advance!!!

Answer #1

bring in a photo of exactly ehat you want and they can copy it.

just keep googling scene kids until you find a girl with the exact hair you want.

but yeah, bringing in a pic would let them see exactly what you want.

Answer #2

It wont let me send you a funmail so here’s another picture. this picture demonstrates the longer layers and the shorter layers pretty well.

Answer #3

Ask your hair dresser to look at a picture you should print out. Most hairdressers are able to do anycut they have a picture of. Scene haircuts are not that hard to find online. This demonstrates the layers very well (picture)

Answer #4

well you cud go to a place with younger people but I wud get on internet and look for a scene hair pic that you like print it and show it to them s they no what you want good luck

Answer #5

just like they say bring a pic of the scene hair that you want an im pretty sure that they could do it for ya

Answer #6

Ask her if she knows what scene cuts are, if not ask other people at school where they got theirs.

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