Are mermaids real, or a myth?

Answer #1

their real…

i have one n in my bath now claiming to be Swedish, blonde and with blue eyes!

their a myth :p

Answer #2

Myth… Never seen one, never will. Would be nice though :)

Answer #3

If I remember correctly the Mermaid myth comes from sailors seeing and hearing the singing of dolphins on foggy night and thinking they were women with fish tail - Mermaids. (I’m sure some good rum had something to do with it to).

Answer #4

Myth although it’d be nice if they were real. Have you heard about the mermaid supposedly spotted in Israel from a year ago?

Answer #5

No…? :O

Answer #6

Look it up. There are actually articles about people claiming they saw a mermaid in Israel and they were offering $1 million to the first person who gets a photo of it.

Answer #7

cheating on me again Matty?! With a mermaid no less….shame on u!

Answer #8

gasp :O

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Answer #10


Answer #11

sorry my bad.. but she did say she was you ;)

Answer #12

nice save! :P lol

Answer #13

I know right…that’s Matty for ya! ♥

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