When meeting someone, do you ask for their astrological sign?

Answer #1

No, i personally dont believe in them, its just for fun. A persona sign wouldnt stop me from wanting to pursue something with them.

Answer #2

erm, no.

Answer #3

No it would seem weird anyway. No one has asked me before and I wouldn’t like it if they did either. Some zodiac sign shouldn’t get into the way of having a friendship with someone. The “cancer and Aries signs are no good matches”, are all poop. Some sign can’t predict your relationships. I don’t see the point in needing to know their sign anyway.

Answer #4

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Answer #5

lol probly not.. that was used a looongg time ago :P

Answer #6

and it wasnt like a general thing to say,, from what i understand it was a ice breaker when trying to pick up a girl :S no game back in the day hahah

Answer #7

Well i would not ask my date or someone i just met their astrological sign, but i would though not be offended or feel weird in any way if i was asked this ! If anything its a good way to keep the conversation going you know ?

Answer #8

It wouldnt mean much to me, so no?

Answer #9

Never even thought about asking. If I’m out on a date, I ask the typical. Do you like horror films, and such.

I don’t see much benefit asking their astrological sign…

Answer #10

not on the first ‘meeting’ they may find this creepy, get to know their personality before there detail’s other than the basics :)

Answer #11

I dont…I think that astrological signs and zodiac whatever is bull crap

Answer #12

no. unless you know they’re into that stuff.

Answer #13

No I usually wait till I know them better to ask. or I guess it lol.

Answer #14

I wouldn’t upon meeting them. But I would after awhile after becoming friends. I don’t believe in the what nots of it. But I like to know that kind of stuff. Me? i’m a Virgo! I just think it’s fun!

Answer #15

Cool, I’m an aries, nice and firey lol

Answer #16

That username u have reminds ne of toy story lol

Answer #17

:)! good combination!

Answer #18

Very much so, I have a couple differant friends and they r virgos as well and all we do is laugh and have a good time

Answer #19

that’s one of my favorite things to do! Laugh and have a good time. I am truly an optimist.

Answer #20

Mine to, but my friends say I know how to get very serious as well, I don’t like to cuz I love to have fun, but thr is a time and place for everything

Answer #21

exactly. Even in serious things I try to look at the upside of things. Try not to let the world bring me down aye? It’s great to be able to be both. means for a good time!

Answer #22

that seems so unimportant, and i would probably be less uncomfortable for someone you just met if you asked the birthday and then just figure out there sign yourself

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