Maybe depressed a little?

Ok here is the thing I don’t go to work till about 4pm everyday then I get home bout 1030 at night cant never get to sleep till bout 230am or so sometimes 3am well then I don’t never get out of bed till 10am everyday..its like clock work..then when I get up I still feel sleepy I have no energy or desire to do anything I really want to get up and do things before I have to go to work at 4pm..I stay so ill all the time and just simply wish I could sleep and that’s it…I freaking hate felling this way I want it to go away..I use to do things all the time and be excited about stuff but now I could care less about anything at all…everything has changed in like the last 2 months…

Answer #1

I don’t know what it is, But I so feel the same way, I am tired all the time, and I have trouble getting to sleep. I don’t know why.

Good luck to you.

Answer #2

Sounds to me like you need to see a doc and tell him/her what is going on and maybe they can get you on some meds that make you feel A OK. A friend of mine has the same problem. I know meds seem like the answer to everything but when it comes to depression and insomnia, you do need em.

Answer #3

you probably have insomnia look it up hope I helped…

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