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Why do people say omg the world is going to end on 12-21-12??? So what if the mayan calander ends then??? The calander on my ipod goes way farther than that, and we’re not relying on that to tell when the end of the world will be!!! my cell phone goes past that too!!! Other calanders have been made that go past that… Way past that !!! I could make a calander right now and it could go to 1213 and people arent going to run around screaming and saying omg were all going to die!!! My question is why is the mayan calander the chosen end to the world if there is other less frightening options to the date of the end of the world?

Answer #1

I prophesy that the world will end when I die.

That’s just a credible as anything in any religious book.

Really, what do people mean when they say the world will “end”?

  • We all go up in a huge fireball
  • The world just ceases to exist leaving a vacuum in space where it was before
  • All humans get transported to heaven (where is that?)
  • We have unimaginable suffering until all humans die
  • We all drown in a massive flood that covers the entire earth (where would all that extra water come from?)
  • We destroy everything with nuclear weapons

The world “ends” but some of us have escaped and colonized other nearby planets. Does this mean that the world “ends”, just earth?

Suppose my descendants move to another planet, what will they do for a religion? Suppose they move to another planet that has 3 suns that constantly light the sky, there is no concept of a “day” so God could not have created the world in 7 day. Oops.

So many questions… So little time… Get cracking people! Develop the transportation systems that will carry us to the other plans so we can ensure the survival of the human race!!!

Putting your heads in your a*ses will not help anything.

Answer #2

It doesn’t necessarily mean that the world will end. Besides, maybe it’s not the end of their calendar. When the Christians tried converting them they destroyed nearly all their temples except for 4 & probably a few un discovered buildings scattered abroad. But, the reason why people are so up tight is because they’re never been wring. They predicted the death of Benladen(sp?) & the after effects, they created the 1st accurate calendar, they predicted Hitler, they predicted their own down fall & anilation(sp?), & much more. Sure enough their prophecies were always accurate. So if it were to truly be the ending of the Mayan calander, if that’s where they purposely stopped, then there is little to no doubt that something major will happen. I believe something will happen, but I doubt it will be the complete ending of the entire world. people will die, but there will be services to sculpt a new beginning. There is something about it may be a pole shift as well… …oh hey look, this seems interesting… here maybe these will help (I’m reading a few now)

it might help a little

Answer #3

patrick geryl- pole shift and pole reversal THEORY in 2012. google - pole shift 2012 theories

Answer #4

Jesus said that no one knows the day or the hour, except for God the Father. He did say to be ready, for we are not promised a tommorrow.

With tornadoes, hurricanes,cyclones, mudslides, tusanimis, pestilence, war and rumors of war, diseases that are immune to medication, and evil that is on every hand, one would think that people would want God on their side.

Answer #5

If the inevitable happens and we all go up in flames… it was INEVITABLE! Nothing we can do about it… why worry?

Answer #6

They probably think the end of any calendar is the end of the world; people thought (if I’m not mistaken) that the world would end on 1 January 2000, because the computers’ calendars only went up to 31 December 1999.

Answer #7

The end couldn’t possibly be on that date. According to prophecy there will be a Great Tribulation that will last for seven years that will begin with the signing of a peace treaty with Israel before the end comes. That is what I believe.

Answer #8

that is fine, I just didn’t see any reason for singling out that piece of my statement. I have been bombarded with documentaries lately about the crystal skulls. and I do agree that there is a lot of junk science on the internet. I was merely commenting on what I have seen, and what I have read- the magnetic field theory is wrapped up in the possibilities. and I do agree with being skeptical- but telling me I wasn’t paying attention when I mentioned the scientists who have proposed the magnetic field shift- I was , and it is a theory. so I really don’t see any reason to continue to argue the point.

Answer #9

Actually, I never said you do believe the theories. Like you, I simply proposed some reading material. And, I correctly stated that there is a lot of junk science going around the internet.

I’m not egotistical enough to discern what’s going to happen. That’s the point. People who are using scare tactics to make everyone think the world will end in 2012 ARE that egotistical. I’m saying people should be skeptical rather than blindly accept whatever they are told.

Answer #10

if you are going to pick someones answer apart- make sure that it is not a factual statement first. I didn’ty necessarily say that I believed the theories, just said that is a theory that has been proposed. so mjax, you obviously are carrying some kind of chip on your shoulder, and unless you are egotistical enough to say that you of all people can discern what is going to happen- then keep your answers confined to the realm of your own personal belief without involving someone elses posting. it is better to be silent and be thought a fool, then it is to open it and to remove all doubt.

Answer #11

baldwinwolf, there is a lot of junk science on the internet about the 2012 “apocalypse”, and quite frankly, that’s all it is: junk. Very few scientists actually believe that polar shifts happen so rapidly, and there is abundant evidence to suggest they take place over several million years.

You should check out the work of Adam Maloof and Galen Halverson, who did a very recent study about a polar shift that took place in Precambrian times.

Answer #12

“They predicted the death of Benladen(sp?) & the after effects, they created the 1st accurate calendar, they predicted Hitler, they predicted their own down fall & anilation(sp?), & much more.”

Sorry, but this is not an accurate statement. The Mayans did not predict Hitler, bin-Laden, or their own downfall. As with all prophecies, theirs were deliberately vague so they could be applied to a specific event later on after it happens.

The Mayans were keen astronomers and their calendar was very accurate, but it served better when forecasting harvests and weather than actual world events.

Answer #13

that date according to the mayan calendar is supposed to correspond with the alignment of the earth and the center of the galaxy, the mayans possessed an extreme amount of celestial knowledge- but they didn’t really specify what was going to occur- except that the previous cycle was going to end- and the world was going to change. I have seen theories posed by modern scientists that say our magnetic field could possibly reverse- causing some bad situations here on earth. the mayans were very advanced for their time period, and possessed a lot of knowledge about a lot of things. I highly recommend reading about the maya, they are extremely fascinating. and who can really tell what is going to happen- all we can do is approach that date like any other- and if the world ends- then it ends.

Answer #14

“I have seen theories posed by modern scientists that say our magnetic field could possibly reverse- causing some bad situations here on earth. “

Apparently you didn’t read those theories very closely. They’re not talking about the earth’s poles reversing, but the sun’s, which happens every 11 years due to the solar cycle. It’s a natural phenomenon. What scientists are saying is that this coming solar maximum might cause problems previous ones have not because of our increased reliance on satellites. Satellites are usually disrupted during intense solar activity as the earth’s magnetosphere is bombarded with billions of particles of radiation.

A polar reversal here on earth would disrupt things enormously, but they are impossible to predict; nobody knows when something like that will happen, not the Mayans, not the Bible, nobody. The last one happened about 750,000 years ago.

Answer #15

yeah people thought y2k was the end of the world lol. Only God knows.

Answer #16

torikeene, what makes your prophecies any more credible than anyone else’s?

Anyway, to the question, the Mayans did not predict the world would end on 12-12-12, that’s a very widespread misconception. Their circular calendar had no further projections beyond that date, but if their priests and astronomers were still around today, they would have long ago developed a new one. They did celebrate the change of cycles, however, so it’s unlikely they believed anything catastrophic would happen on that date.

Answer #17

I watched that show mjax1979. . . It was interesting.

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