How do I get Manic Panic out of my hair quickly?

Answer #1

Renee couls probably answer this perfectly. =]

To make it fade out faster you could try washing it will baking soda, but makes sure you use are really good conditioner after because they baking soda could dry out your hair.

Answer #2

could-with-make-a-*the- WOw, that was a lot of mistakes.

Answer #3

Thanks much! I have a pink streak down the one side that I need gone suoer quick. I’ll give it a try.

Answer #4

Not a problem. :D

Answer #5

I know it sounds strange, but diet coke and hot water. The ingredients in diet coke fade hair dye (i use it when i dye my hair black to fade it so it doesnt look so fake). Manic panic is a sucky dye anyways so the diet coke should almost take it out with one or two times. Just hold your head over a bathtub or sink and pour a bottle of diet coke over it and massage for a minute. Wash with hot water since hot water also fades dye.

Answer #6

Thanks! Will the diet coke hurt my normal blonde hairdye too? My hair is colored blonde and then I usually put a couple of streaks of pink in it. (I have a funeral to go to and didn’t think the pink was appropriate). Have a great day!

Answer #7

I have a few suggestions you could try,

  • Dry shampooing: Find a strong shampoo (not a color-last shampoo) and put it on the pink bit of your hair dry. Rub and emulsify it in for about 5 minutes and leave it in for 10 minutes after that. Rinse it, and put some more in, emulsify for 5 minutes and rinse it out.

  • If it’s still quite vibrant, don’t condition it after the dry shampoo, instead spray hairspray on it. Hairspray should stop the process of oxidation and dull the color a bit.

  • ^^ Make sure you condition the hair afterwards!

I’ve never heard of Mandyloo’s diet coke idea, but I thought I’d let you know that it won’t harm your hair so you could try it.

Alternative idea: Get your hair done at a hairdressers into a hair-up (up-do) and ask them to hide the pink bit. They should be able to do your hair and hide the pink. Or if you are doing your hair at home, is there any way you could just clip the pink bit to underneath your hair as to make it less visible?

  • You could buy some supermarket hair bleach (make sure it’s bleach or powder lightener, not color/dye) and apply some to the pink bit, only leave it in for a very short time though, watch it carefully as it will take the pink out quite fast. But as your hair is already lightened quite a bit, I would advise against doing this until you have tried other options and this is a last resort.
Answer #8

Thanks much!

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