How can i remove manic panic hair dye?

ok so like 2 nights ago I dyed my hair with manic panic hair dye... I used hot hot pink and raven which is black... I bleached my hair out where the pink was going to be and I just put the black on my natural brown hair... I found out the school that I go 2 doesnt allow it so I need to get it out before schools starts back... anyone know how to without damaging my hair really bad...

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just bleach over or dye your hair will be fine
it wont fall out

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your probably aloud black just not pink, because black is a natural hair color. so you could dye it all black or just brown.

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Here's the problem, you won't get the black out. I have the same issue, half my hair is black, the other half is bleached and dyed blue (Manic Panic After Midnight Blue).

Your best bet is to dye it all black until it grows out. Your natural hair color being brown the roots shouldn't show up too badly during this process.

Once the untreated part gets long enough for you to cut it and have a decent hairstyle, go to a beautician and have it cut.

If the school still gives you issue with this, I don't know what to tell you. I've gone to a beautician to try and have black hair dye removed, and it isn't possible without burning the hair completely. Especially if your hair absorbs dye as well as mine does.

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just die your hair back to its original color!

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Really if you've bleached your hair, you've already damaged your hair, my brother used to bleach his hair and dye it bright colors when he was around my age, now 6-7 years later hes bald and cant grow hair at all, but the only way you can take out black (if that has to go) is to bleach it and dye it a different color, although black is a natural color it should be fine, the pink you can most likely color over with more black, thats the simplest way I could explain to do it.

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you should have thought about this before bleaching it and buying dye
pretty much every school that has a uniform only allows natural coloured hair
so you cant go dying it crazy colours
youve already damadged it from bleaching, and manic mpanic hair dye is very strong and permanent
so the best thing to do is dye it all black now
(black is a natural colour so theyll allow that)

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Hm. Anyone who is looking to remove Manic Panic. First off, Manic Panic fades quickly from It's original vivd color, but is likely to leave you with a few ugly pastel colors for a few weeks. I know shades of red is especially hard to get rid of.
If your hair isn't badly damaged from bleaching you can just dye over the funky colors.
If you're looking for an alternative your best bet would be to wash your hair with warm water, and lots of shampoo.
I've also heard Dish washing soap works, although I haven't tried it.
Don't expect all of the color to be out with the first try, the color with gradually come out within the next few days after starting.

Remember to condition, I assume you've recently just bleached the crap out of your hair, for lack of better term.

Good luck.

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manic panic lists this way to remove their dye on the FAQ on the website. it is as follows:

Mix in a color bowl:

3 tbs Developer
2 tbs Lightener/bleach
2 tbs clarifying shampoo
2tbs conditioner for dry hair
Put a pair of coloring gloves on.
Apply mixture to wet hair stopping about 1 inch away from your roots.
Work quickly and begin kneading the mixture into your hair starting from the ends to your roots,
Work mixture in to hair for 5-10 minutes.
Rinse mixture out with warm water.
Shampoo and deep condition

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