Manic panic on wet hair

while your hair is wet will manic panioc hair dye still take?
will bleach?

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No, im a hairdresser.

Before putting on manic panic products I reccomened your hair is to be towel dried.

First you need to shampoo twice, do not condition, this will give the manic panic colour a better and more vibrant result.
Then towel dry your hair, apply the manic panic, leave it on as instructed, then wash out and condition.

And with bleach your hair should be completely dry before using it.

ANSWER #2 of 2

no bleach or hair dye can work on weat hair
because the water has soaked the hair, the hair colour or bleach cant soak through it
youll have to dry your hair fully before you put in the bleach and/or hair dye

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