Do you think man is powerful than any other creature in the world?

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Sadly, yes. There are other animals that are extremely intelliegnt , but man has evolved so much and uses things like guns and bombs and what not that the other animals can't compete. It makes me sad, cause I do not believe that man makes good use of their intelligence, we seem to do far more harm than good.

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Humans are at the top of the yes i do. However i think we have huge egos because of this and forget that animals do in fact have feelings and are live beings. Using animals for food and sustanance is one thing, but we abuse the privledge.

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yeah its true but Do you think that intelligent makes him powerful ?

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I don't think your answer is true because I didn't ask for the food chain purpose lol

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I do feel there are aliens far more intelligent than human beings and also powerful than any living creature. But sadly, many don't believe in aliens as their existence itself is a big question mark for many of them here.

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Intelligence wise, yes. Actual strength? No. Man is smart enough to use forces stronger than themselves that they know will work in defeating an animal if in danger (ex: guns). Without the guns and such, however, it has been showed many times that man is NOT the most powerful (ex: wolf attacks where man has died, bull attacks, etc). People just use their smarts to assess situations and realize when they need more powerful means than their hands.

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yes, intelliegence allows us to make things like guns, bombs etc. and the other animals on this planet can't stand up to that.

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Yes man is powerful - however I'd like to rephrase it if I may. I'd say that man is the most "influential" creature in that what we do has such a big impact in the small world we habitat and call home

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I think what makes people powerful is the ability to adapt. Humans can adapt in ways the majority of animals cannot. Of course intelligence aids in this because people can change the environment in order to adapt.

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Mankind is no more "evolved" than any other animal. All surviving life forms have found a niche where they can survive. Mankind has evolved a large brain that gives it certain advantages and disadvantages for survival but in the right environment it has worked for us so we carry on. It is no different from giraffes evolving long necks to be able to eat foliage other animals can't reach.

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I was actually arguing with a friend about this the other day and my argument was that it all comes down to technology. Without technology, we are goners. Like, here in this world, we are safe. But imagine if we were transported to a few thousand years ago. There are no buildings to hide in, no roads or cars to run away in. The wild big-cats and dogs would eat us alive! If you were standing in your living room in Winter, and all of a sudden your house (and everybody else's) disappeared, and your clothes vanished off your back, I highly doubt you'd survive the night in the cold snow and ever increasing winds- Whereas there are bugs smaller than your thumb nail that survive every night, birds, thought of as delicate creatures, seem to survive, though we probably wouldn't. Humans are undoubtedly one of the smartest creatures in the world, but no, we are not more powerful without our resources. Think about it, if we gave animals resources, they would probably be as powerful as us. Imagine a room full of apes with shot-guns. We wouldn't survive that either. So what makes us think we are so high and mighty when WE have the shot guns on the animals?

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Those that know what to do will survive the night you described, you can't say that none of us would. Having read enough about those kinds of situations, I'd like to say that I would know what to do, and could survive if I only had the heart to kill something for its skin. We are pathetic now, because we've been sheltered from nature, but before we had guns, we had braver and stronger men, and rocks. And that worked for us.
And on top of that, giving a gazelle a shotgun won't make it the most powerful animal on earth. Giving a room of apes shotguns won't do it either: at first they won't know how to use them, then once they've pretty much killed each other, we'd have a room full of dead apes. A room full of apes with shotguns wouldn't affect us in any way.
We are the most powerful only in that we've pretty much overpowered everything else. We have a way to kill everything, an antidote for most poisons, a way to protect ourselves from most things. We've managed to spread out all over the face of the earth and gain a sort of weird ruling class.

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our intelligence,concience, and ability to adapt is what seperates us from animals but when it comes to base strength and instincts we are one of the weakest predators there are

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I would have to say microbes are the most powerful. Microbes can either help to keep us healthy, or have the capacity to make the strongest human shake with fear. I fear we will never win the war with microbes, no matter how intelligent our brains have evolved to be.

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well said... its over...we are no more humans lol

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very true...

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