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loving dad to Abusive dad with one sentence

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Every so often my dad for one reason or another he will the most kind dad in the world to a dad who is saying im a slut, whore, bitch, prostitute ect... just because HE lost the tv remote or somthing as small as that, e.g one time not that long ago I was in my mum and dads room watching tv I finished watching the tv and put the remote on the bed where I found it. After I left my mum went into her room to change the covers she did that and left, When my dad went in their room later on that night he couldm not find it and being the last to use it he blamed me and I told him I left it on the bed and he said a was a lier I helped them look for it and he was getting more anoyed every miniute we found it in the quilte cover about 20mins later and my mum said it was her fault so I asked for a apolgy but he said he would not say it and I asked why he said I WAS A LIER I said but I want one you said I lost it and I did not mum lost it. I know not a very good excuse for the next bit but I am 14
My dad said I did not deserve a apolgy because a always lie (over egsaduration) we went on in circles of how I dont always lie and I was not that time while he replied on about 10 occations when I did lie but using them all over and over again until he said I am a lier and will always be one and I remember when I was aboul 12 him making me repete IM A LIER, A CHEAT, AND A THEIF from about 6pm to 1am over and over again and if I shoped he hot his belt out and I shouted are you going to make me repete im a lier a cheat and a theif again and he said he will try and I told him I would never do that again and he started calling me a slut bitch whore and almost every thing else in that catagory of fowl words my mum was there and did not do anything about it. I said somthing like if thats what I am what are u he moved a hit me a few times. that was one of the first times he did it. I remember when he did it to my older bro until he hit him and cracked his nose then he started on me at first it was not that bad and its getting worse but is happening less often and be having one of those days text my mum after my dad said somthing to me. I had forgotten about it and was a bit narked now my mum is anoyed with my dad and my dad is very anoyed with me and im scared that the will do somthing now I know I should stick up for my self and I am now almost 16 but im not as strong as my older bro was and my dad is HUGH I know its rude to say but he is very fat so he has a lot of weight it hit me with. I need some advise on what to do and where to go but im woried if I go he will start on my younger bro im so sick of my life and I am so sorry for saying all this but I need to get it out some where