Is my friend overweight at 5'8 and 128 pounds?

my friend is 13 and weighs around 126-130 pounds..and her height is around 5”7-5”8-5’9??…is she overweight??…she will turn 14 9/24/08… please help me…thnx

Answer #1

your friends BMI varies between 18.6 - 20.4 depending on which measurements are the right ones. 18.5 - 24.9 is healthy range. so she’s at the low end of that.

Answer #2

Hi Emem, Put your details in this site and it will give you a guide to your question:


Answer #3

no, definately not

Answer #4

Not overweight all all for her height.

Answer #5

for your height you should look fine work out your BMI and you’ll know for sure good luck x take care x

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