Is it normal to bleed for days after losing your virginity?

Okay I’m extremely scared. Saturday I lost my virginity and he popped me. I was bleeding but its almost Wednesday and im STILL bleeding. Is that normal? I had sex once before but I wasn’t bleeding. Whats wrong? My friend said I might need stitches. But My parents hate this boy and I cant tell them. Please helppp.

Answer #1

Here is a perfect example about this bs question “am I too young”?! To all teens, tweens and whatevers, if you can’t pronounce it, spell it or do it with a firm understanding, then you are to young and DON’T need to be doing it. There is no telling what has happened to you. I have read stuff on here that just boggles the mind. You kids are literally causing injury to yourselves because you are so grown up and can have sex. For pete’s sakes, really grow up first and go to the damn doctor after you go tell your parents that you lost your “VIRGINITY” to a guy that may not be there when you wake up!

Answer #2

I was raped and its been two days and I’m like a Niagara falls when it comes to bleeding. Its dark red like I just seriously cut myself and there are clots. I feel unusually tired but it could be its the weekend, and I eat and eat but I still feel like I’m hungry. My friend says go to the doctor but I talked to my sister and she said bleeding is natural, I know the bleeding is natural but so much after like two days?

Answer #3

Well, other embarassing scenarios can explain the hymen loss to a doctor. But a doctor will tell your parents what they feel might have happened. However, you need to see a doctor and soon. If there is any internal perforation that can lead to sepsis and you could die. It is very similar to “toxic shock” but there is tearing of flesh involved. If your BF wasn’t too gentle and he thought that sexual intercourse was “in out as fast and deep as possible”, then you could need stitches. Learn about a term called “friction” in the future and get a boyfriend that respects your body. The reason your parents probably don’t like the boy is because they probably figured he was trying to deflower or hurt their daughter….. sounds like this just happened.

I messed around with girls when I was too young and usually embarrassed myself more than anything. A sexual relationship is really hard to keep up and meaningful while there are parents around and the ability to have a total lack of responsibility just so long as no one gets pregnant or rashy was something I didn’t really appreciate or abhor until a later age. If this boy stands by your side, then maybe he is good for you. But if he starts treating you with less respect or less passion, then you need to move on and take this as a hard lesson about the power of testosterone.

Oh, and did I mention that you NEED to see a doctor?

Answer #4

I know that sometimes after I have had sex it can make my period come earlier. This happened to me and I asked my mother about it, she said if the blood was the normal colour that your period is then it is nothing to be worried about. If its a brighter red, like if you had just cut yourself then you need to see a doctor if the bleeding persists, and you might have to have stitches. If that info doesnt help, take into consideration how rough your boyfriend was, if he was going at it fast and furious you need to talk with him and let him know how serious it is to be so hard on your first few times. And I know its off the subject, but you really need to use a condom, be safe. :) hope I’ve helped

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