virginity loss - bleeding

ok, so I lost my virginity a little over a week ago,,, and I have had sex since then, but ever since my first time I’ve been bleeding a little - not period blood.

How long is it normal to bleed for after you lose your virginity? Should I not have sex again until I’ve stopped bleeding?

Answer #1

I think it’s normal nothing to worry about maybe your hymen is breaking one by one but if you keep bleeding for too long I think you should see a doctor

Answer #2

yes STOP!!! untill it stops its just your hyneum is kinda sore

Answer #3

im a guy but that happened 2 my girlfriend ages ago. and it was o.k after a week or 2.!! its all normal.!

Answer #4

this all sounds normal to me but if you are worried call your obgyn

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