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Is heavy bleeding normal 5 days after losing my virginity?

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Me and my boyfriend had sex for the first time 4 days ago. The night we had sex, and the next 4 days afterwards, I am still bleeding. A LOT. It is like my period, that much amount of blood. It could be my period, but my periods are I wouldn't know!! I am suppose to start on Birth Control pills the Sunday after I start my period [that was subscribed by my doctor] BUT I don't know if this is my period...or if it is from getting my cherry popped!! Please help...I don't know what to do!! How much blood and for how long are you suppose to have after getting your cherry popped??
And also, I have been really tired and sleepy, nauseated (throwing up and stomach killing me), and major food craving for the past 5 days...could I be pregnant?? My boyfriend used a condom...but I mean I do have a lot of the symptoms!!