Lose weight fast, but gains fat easily? help!

I want to lose up to at least 12 pounds before school starts. [29 more days left!] but I tend to gain fat VERY easily. [endo mesomorph] and I need a healthy diet to help me lose the weight. I have love handles and I dont like them one bit. I wouldnt care about my stomach if my love handles werent there! so please help me, it'd be great if you told me exactly what to eat on what days. and how to fight cravings for bad foods.
p.s I dont need to know an exercise, I have that patted already.
please help!!

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try eating 6 small portion meals daily..if you have a craving,try eating fruits ofr salad instead of fatty foods and junk foods. but also remember that you shud also eat a lil heavy in the morning.. ;)

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eat healthy.
meaning no junk food or sugary drinks.
nothing that is stored in the freezer.
or any crackers, chips or cookies.
thats all fat.
try to eat more veggies and fruits.
and most importantly, be active everyday.
run at least 5 times a week.
for more than 45 minutes.
I started off with 30 min.
it worked but not quickly.
I recommend 45 min to 90 min. for best results'
running will for sure get rid of the love handles.
strength training to get toned!
it worked for me
good luck!

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thanks chicolagirl I started running 3 days ago an hour a day
thanks for the advice I'll follow what you said

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