Looking for my real father

I want to search for my real father?

My real father left me when I was just born my mom tells me about him he was in the navy I looked in the internet nothing can any body helpme?

Answer #1

yes John Hall

Answer #2

Does he have a really common name? That can be tough. What about relatives? Does your mom know where he was born, where he grew up? Find out what passions he had, hobbies, etc. There are lots of Find A Person sites on the internet but most involve payment. But there are also lots of free sites dealing in genealogy, such as the LDS websites for Family Search. Fun mail me if you want more info.

Answer #3

well that is sad that your own mom wont help but I do wish you the luck!!!

Answer #4

I did asked her she wont help me

Answer #5

well maybe you should as your mom for more information. hope it helps.

Answer #6

do you know his name?

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