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Find my real daddy?

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Okay so here is the dealz. Well right now I have a mom and a dad. Right? But the thing is he is not my real dad. My real dad basically got my mom pregnant and left. He saw me once when I was 3 weeks old and then never again. He did ask my mom to marry him but she said no. Because he was aparently a pathelogical lier or sumthin. But I really want to locate him. Last time I heard he was working at a gas station but that was like 3 years ago. I have told my mom this and she said she would help but that was like last year and she has'nt tried anything yet. I havnt told my dad that I wanted to meet him because I no it would make him sad. But I at least want to no why he didnt keep in touch. And like what does he look like, I want to no if I look like him or not because I sure as hell dont look like my mom. I like dont even no how old he is. Its not like I want jeff to be a father to me, I just want to no if I have any other brothers or sisters out there and maybe have a friendship or sumthing with jeff. I just want to get to no him. I just want to no some background info, like what culture I come from and what not.. So does anybody no if there is any way to find someone you are looking for. Like I no he is'nt in the phone book, is there any other way to find a number? Or like an address, or workplace or anything? I need some ideas, anyways please try and help. Thanks.