How long do homemade fruit smoothies usually last in and out of the fridge?

Answer #1

I’d say in the fridge, a week if it’s covered. Out of the fridge, no longer than a day or 2. Think about it as actual fruit. When in the fridge, it lasts longer. But when out of the fridge, it is exposed to different bacterias and goes bad quicker. Hope this helps(:

Answer #2

3-4 days in the fridge at around 3 degrees celsius 7-9 days in the freezer, 1 day outside, if its hot enough, 2 days if you’re lucky.

Answer #3

In the fridge about 3 to 4 days, out of the fridge, depending on temperature, a day maybe 2

Answer #4

just about 1 or 2 days depending on what fruit you use

Answer #5

if the smoothies are air tight in a jar and is kept cool then the smoothies will last up to 3 days. i recomend Mason jars, i’ve seen lots of people use then on juice fasts and storing herbs.

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