How long does mayonnaise last before becoming stale?

I want to make tuna sometime this week but when I looked at the mayonnaise we have her it doesn’t give an expiration date. So my dad bought the mayo some time in august…does it stay fresh this long?

Answer #1

Believe it or not, it does…condiments can last an amazingly long time in the refrigerator after opening, which is why they don’t have expiry dates.

Answer #2

Actually, mayonaise usually does have an expiration date. I just checked 2 jars that I have in my fridge and both have expiration dates. Mayonaise does last a very long time if kept properly refigerated. What I would recommend would be to smell it. If it has an off smell, or kind of rancid smell, I wouldn’t use it. I have kept mayonaise in my fridge for about 6 months and it still be good.

Answer #3

About 1 year .

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