Answer #1

It’s a manuscript with the bible and lots of other documents included, I dont understand what you mean by the logic behind it?

Answer #2

Well apparently a monk was said to have written it overnight, but there’s no way because it weighs 165lbs & would have taken years to write, not to mention there was not a single punctuation error in it.

Answer #3

Uhm and the bible says the world is 6000 years old. And that 2 of every species on earth was put on a big boat. There’s a lot of fantastical claims made by certain people, that’s hardly the most ludicrous?

Answer #4

The Devil’s bible (Codex Gigas) is thought to be the work of one reclusive monk as a lifetime work of repentance. The story goes that he was condemned to be walled in a room to die, for a grave crime and vowed to write it (The Bible and all known knowledge of the time) in one night. The story also states that the monk summoned the devil’s help in its creation. My thought is that if some of the story is true, he probably spent the rest of his life in seclusion writing and illustrating it as punishment for the crime. To me the ‘logic’ is a self-imposed sentence to pacify either his fellow monks or his god for his crime.

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