Do you question the logic in the Bible?

Dear joseph1949, By chance, I came to this webpage and I was caught at first sight given the questions quoted by you. I am a Christian, though for many years, and I do have the same thoughts as you and I “questioned” the logic and true principalities inside the bible. As I was very much not convinced by the life of many so-called Christians. I looked up to good examples, but none I can find. I want to learn from the bible and I ask questions regarding the bibles, and I was accused falsely.

Actually I am not very good in English, and I am very frustrated with myself here as I am unable to express fully my thoughts in words. But I have added you as my friends here and I am impressed by you for the way you answered those “hit-back” reply. True or false, who knows, but if one pondered awhile and truly seek to think over it during discussion, there will be so much we can find answers to. Positive and negatives answers are essential and important to discover new truth. But if the truth can disclose fully, I will embrace it with love. I love knowledge and I love to hear and learned from many who can think well and learn well.

Thank you.

Answer #1

Dear Patience… Welcome…

There are many very knowledgeable answers that come on here, and you are surely welcome to ask any questions you may have. You will find that we are not all alike, and have diff. viewpoints, etc, but, for the believers, the thing that we have in common is the blood of Jesus.. and the hope that is in our hearts, even if we do not agree on certain topics, etc. The common thread and the most important of all is what Jesus has done for each of us, allowing us entrance into his kingdom… in exchange for heartfelt repentance. It is ok to question anything in the bible, however, the spirit in which you do it, makes all the difference in the world. God requires an humble heart, a believing heart… before he will reveal him self to anyone. In certain cases he has made an exception, and can always, because he is God.. he can do what he wants to, but, normally this is the way it happens. The more you research etc, the more you will be convinced of the realities that the bible portray. The book was spirit inspired and the same spirit will reveal it to you… if you are sincere, and open and honest in your relationship with him. To learn about the things of God is a lifelong pursuit, one of which is powerfully rewarding… once you get tapped into the life source. That is the key.. a living, vibrant relationship with the creator. This is what he wants, and offers, many however, will never find it… simply because they are not willing to pay the price, required of them… and that is belief…

Answer #2

I’m going to lock this since it is addressed to joseph1949 and everyone but him is answering it. If Joseph1949 wishes to reply I’ll unlock it for him.

Answer #3

Welcome to the site. I hope you’ll continue to ask questions and share your thoughts with us. People can always be cruel but, as you said, you can learn from even the cruellest among us. There is no growth without a little pain and you’ve already taken a huge first step.

Answer #4

If you wish to send a message to Joseph you should fun mail him.

Answer #5

Thanks for your best wishes to be here

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