Is there a growing number of people living off welfare

Why does it seem that there is a growing number of people in america that feel the u.s. Government should take care of them and that they shouldn’t have to work to make money. is that what our government was created for, to take care of people who don’t want to work?

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Government is not the answer - limited Government and making your own way in life is the answer - welfare should never be a career, but unfortinately many think so.

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Some people may take advantage of the system, but most people dont. Infact there are a lot of people who are working full time who still cannot make ends meet. Try and calculate the minimum wage times 40 hours a week, and then budget in two kids and living expenses. A lot of people on welfare work full time…

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The amount of people looking to take advantage of welfare programs is miniscule. The vast majority are people who want to work, but truly need help. It is the knuckle-draggers who want to create this image of welfare being so great, and people are just sitting on there asses eating bon bons while collecting checks. It is steryotypical, and not at all true.

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I agree a lot. Unless a person is unable to work, I do not think that People should be handed over Welfare. Most people are able to work, even if it’s McDonald’s or a job at the Grocery Store. My friend that works at the Animal Shelter everyday for ALL day and gets $6 bucks an hour, and she is still able to maintain a place to live and save enough money to buy food.

My Neighbors have Welfare, they live in a three-bedroom House, with a Garage just like me and they are on Welfare. They have a Wii, Digital Cable I believe it’s called? and a Playstation2. They also have a ‘Quad’, this dangerous mini-automobile that cost AT LEAST $400.

Yet they are still B^tching about how they don’t have enough money to pay Bills, and how they can’t decide whether to buy Milk or eggs?! This sound like I’m a mean person, but I know this is just an act. They have three kids, 11, 8, and 6, and the mother shops at Lane Bryant and Victoria’s Secret. I know a lot about Welfare, my dad busts people who fraud the System.

My point is, unless you are Physically or Mentally financially unstable, you don’t need Welfare. My poor friend who gets six bucks an hour just had 250 dollars stolen from her. That’s like two weeks work and she gives so much to help Animals.

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It’s not that people can’t work it is that they can’t afford to live. There are so many americans living below the poverty line right now and it is not their choice. It is because the gap between rich and the poor has increased drastically. The reason why there are such gaps are that the government feels the need to impose higher taxes on those who barely can live compared to all there rich who are not taxed as heavily. People do not understand these issues because they are too ignorant for there own good and either have not experienced being on welfare or are to lazy to look up case studies. I think more people need to start realizing life is bigger then just themselves and just because they are living a good life does not mean others are.

Answer #6

Yes welfare is abused in this country. Also, social security disability and ssi abuse/fraud is growing at a fantastic rate. Welfare is temporary, you must recertify regularly, but disability and ssi is a permanent free ride. It is very unfair to make taxpayers support these scammers.

Answer #7

Where are the jobs?

A lot of people would be working if there were jobs out there, but a growing number of jobs are leaving our country mostly because we’re not supporting our own product.

Did you know that 95% of the cars purchased in Japan are Japanese? 96% of the cars purchased in Korea are Korean.

Only 45% of the cars purchased in America are American. People who used to work in manufacturing are having an increasingly hard time finding jobs and when they do find jobs, they’re getting paid less and less. Some people are risking their limbs to make tiny metal parts for cars and airplanes every day and they’re only getting paid 25k a year to do it.

If you want to see more people working and less people on welfare, provide jobs for them by buying American products. The auto industry alone supports 1 in 10 American jobs and this:

is how much it matters.

We need industry. A country cannot survive without industry. We are importing far more than we’re exporting. This is very bad. We owe our souls to China. While we look at record deficits, thanks to Hyundai, Korea is seeing a record Surplus.

We are in so much financial trouble and yet, we’re supporting Korea rather than ourselves?

Americans need to wake up and start buying American again in order to provide more jobs and thus, get a lot of people off of unemployment and (god forbid) welfare.

By supporting Union jobs and workers, you’re actually supporting America. We collect a lot more taxes on a Union worker who’s making 50k a year than on a non-union worker who’s making 25k a year. That’s more money to invest in police forces, Schools and roads.

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NO!! People should work, it would be nice not to, but in this world notings free its just you, and you alone protecting your own back. you don’t help the goverment the goverment does’nt help you BTW I DO NOT CONDONE a lot OF THE THINGS THE US GOVERMENT ARE DOING RIGHT NOW!!! (Such as the war on iraq)

Answer #9

I totally agree people take advantage of the system I my self was on WIC but only for 2 months after my son was born… as soon as I got a job I got off of it… I never even used my last month of it…( they give you 3 months at a time)… I just feel like its ok to use it if you really need it but to keep having kids to get more money and just completly living off of it is sooo wrong…

Answer #10

I see replies, but none recent.

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